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Why Microsoft Excel 2010 is great

Why Microsoft Excel 2010 is great

Every day we witness new products on the market. Updates and upgrades have also become popular due to advanced technology. Microsoft has been working hard to improve the value and quality of their products. This has led to the introduction of Microsoft Excel 2010.

MS Excel 2010 is pretty much the same as the older versions only that it incorporates several new features and functionalities. Here are the reasons why Microsoft Excel 2010 is regarded as great.

Comes with Guidelines

It is impossible to use a product that you do not understand. For this reason, Microsoft comes clear guidelines that are simple during the learning process. The tutorial offers a detailed guide that you can use for better understanding. This is essential if you want to know the new features. There exist very many online Microsoft Excel 2010 tutorials that come with the new package. Many corporate and professionals bodies prefer the new Microsoft Excel 2010 package. This is because of its versatility, effectiveness, and robustness.

With MS Excel 2010 tutorials, you can learn how to upgrade your old Excel to a new Excel 2010 version. Also, you can use it to upgrade and installation instructions. Not only that but it can also help you to understand how these new features work. The main characteristic that has been associated with MS Excel 2010 is the ability to make fast comparisons and compare data more efficiently.

Presence of spark lines and slicers

The main advantage that is associated with Excel 2010 is the presence of slicers and spark lines. These are the tools that made Excel 2010 move a top-notch Microsoft product. Spark lines are visual representations that are in the form of charts. They enable a quicker and faster visualization and interpretation of data. With spark lines, one can be able to monitor various performance indicators during the work session. This means that an organization is always aware of what is happening at present and can be able to put reports together quickly.

High Level of Filtering

There was also a general concern that previous versions of MS Excel had some limitations as the level of filtering was considered to be low. With Excel 2010 one can now use slicers to achieve a higher level of filtering. Slicer controls allow the user to filter and display data in an interactive way. This makes you understand the data quickly. With slicers, you can be able to filter several data modules. You can also display them using the same window for quick comparison and reference.


Excel 2010 is known to be very user-friendly. This is because of the Microsoft backstage view that is explicitly developed for you. With it, you will experience a great appealing interface when working with it. The backstage view is incredible as it has replaced the traditional file menu that existed in previous versions. With the backstage view, one can be able to move non-active windows to the background and retain workbooks that are being worked on. This is very convenient as one can be able to switch views as they work.

Microsoft Excel 2010 is great as it is an improved way of doing business. Many organizations have given great reviews about it. They have also indicated that data management would never be the same with Microsoft Excel 2010. If you want to learn more about Microsoft Excel 2010, then you must install it.