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What is Opera Web Browser?

What is Opera Web Browser?

What is Opera?

Opera is a web browser from Opera Software. According to its claim, it is the fastest browser on the planet. It employs Blink layout engine to process your queries. Opera web browser is much compact compared to the rest. It has played fourth or fifth fiddle in web browsing realm, owing to immense popularity of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Nevertheless Opera offers nothing less in terms of capabilities. It is yet another free of charge, web browser that runs on just about any device.

Brief History

The first version of Opera web browser was released in April 1st 1995. The first release with version 2.0 was exclusively for Windows. Thanks largely to its compact nature, it was promoted on hand held screens since 1998. By 2000, Opera 4.0 was released, which supported almost every popular operating system and platform. Fast forward to 1994, Opera was in its infancy under the banner of a Norwegian research project at Telenor, country’s largest telecommunications company. The research project later branched out to form Opera Software.

Features of Opera web browser

Some of the defining features of Opera are tabbed browsing, voice control and pop up blocking. Opera’s speed dial keeps user’s favorite websites on standby. ‘News’ option in Opera is pretty efficient. It allows filtering news stories that you might be interested in. Opera supports all popular plugins including Shockwave, ReadAudio and RealVideo. Turbo Mode compresses all webpages barring HTTPS, by 50% before delivering it to PC. The standard features such as zoom in, incognito browsing, print, customization options, etc… are available in Opera web browser too.

Multi-platform support

Opera web browser for PC is compatible with Windows, Linux and Macintosh. Opera software is implemented for Nintendo Wii handheld devices. Due to its compact nature, Opera quickly made it to mobile devices. Opera Mini has enjoyed immense popularity amongst mobile users. It is available on Android, Windows, iOS, tablets and PDAs. Opera Max is available on all android devices. It compress web pages to half its size, thereby making your data plans live longer. Opera Coast for iPhone, provides a sleek and smooth interface.

Long list of Add-ons

Opera boasts an impressively large repository of add-ons. The browser comes with its default set of addons including Ad blocker and Proxy support. Rest of the addons come from third party publishers. There are utilitarian extensions such as PDF JS viewer. There are even some ambient addons like ‘Turn off Lights’ and security related ones like ‘Web or Trust (WOT)’. With an opera account, anyone can publish the extensions they developed. You can choose between tons of wallpapers too.

Privacy & Security

By default, Opera comes with proxy support. There are more anonymizers available in the extensions. Ghostery and Disconnect are some good ones. When it comes to security, Opera is as safe as any mainstream browser. It checks for web certificates before making contact with any website. It follows a trust score system for World Wide Web. Needless to say, no browser is 100% safe. You can opt for VPN to beef up privacy and security, and Opera supports that.