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What is Microsoft Silverlight 2018

What is Microsoft Silverlight 2018

Microsoft Silverlight 2018 is a powerful tools for writing and running internet application. Now, Microsoft had announced the end of Silverlight in 2012. But, the application remains used and developed until its last version in June 2013. However, Silverlight plugin is still available for some browser.

What is Microsoft Silverlight 2018 Overview

Silverlight offers a retain mode image. This feature is actually similar to Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), multimedia, and animations that run in one environment, mostly in a webpage. In the application, user interfaces are defined in Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML). It is also programmed by a subset of .NET Framework. In addition, Silverlight can also be a tool to make sidebar gadgets and it was implemented in Windows Vista.

What is Microsoft Silverlight 2018 Pros and Cons

Now that Microsoft will no longer release or support Silverlight, a lot of people still want it. Here are some reasons why Microsoft Silverlight 2018 is still a wanted software these days.

1. Single Target
Yes, this is the most interesting about Microsoft Silverlight is always wanted. Instead of working in a wide environment where the result must match multiple browsers.

2. Easy to Execute
With Silverlight, one can just execute the .NET code without any need to deploy .NET Runtime. In addition, Silverlight plug-in is also light (only about 4MB) and easy to install.

3. Well Known by the Third Party
If you are familiar with Infragistics, ComponentOne and DevExpress, then you might want to stay with your Silverlight. Those third party tools are already familiar with it.

4. XAML Direct Interpretation
While Flash needs to convert it to SWF, Silverlight can just go with it directly.

5. Language Choice
You can choose between C#, Visual Basic, or Iron Python and Iron Ruby.

However, there are some people who think that Silverlight 2018 is not as good as the other think. Here are some reasons why.

1. Late for Mobile
Silverlight is always late for update. At the moment when smartphone trends begin, Silverlight still had no support for them.

2. A Browse-Only Solution
Silverlight can only run within a browser. This makes it lost the game to its competitor, Flash. The reason Flash wins is because Flash can run in desktop using Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR).

3. It Doesn’t Support H.264
It is the worst part of the cons of Microsoft Silverlight 2018. For Hi-Definition, Silverlight can only support VC-1. It is an extremely less common video format compared to H.264.

4. Will Not be Supported by Apple
Apple doesn’t even allow Mac to have a flash installed in it. If such a modern software is rejected due Apple’s exclusivity, then Silverlight can say fare the well.

5. Windows Only Development
Silverlight can only be developed using Windows and not any other OS. This is a disaster since most designers now has gone to Apple.

Those are the review and the 5 pros and cons regarding Microsoft Silverlight 2018. So, in what side are you? Does this classic development tools give you advantage? Or on the contrary, does it make your work even more complicated.