A Review of Google Maps

It is rather impossible to come across a Google Maps review which does not conclude on a positive note in favor of the utility. It is the most widely used navigation software in the world, has an ever-increasing user base and continues to dominate the technical and popular reviews. Everyone uses Google Maps these days whether they use public or private modes of transportation. It is convenient, set the destination and the routes will be identified, there is no hassle. One simple application with the best-approximated information leads you to your destination. No guidebooks or maps, one simple internet connection and Google Maps app and you can be anywhere. That is why everyone likes Google Maps so much. Here is a comprehensive Google Maps which analyzes each of the pros and cons to put forth a balanced overview.


This Google Maps is divided into two wide sections to enlist the pros and cons of this app separately.

The most important plus points of the Google Maps app are enlisted below.

Resource Efficient
The Google Maps application is highly resource efficient, it does not use up much of phone’s processing speed or cache to deteriorate the overall performance of the device. As compared to some of the other well-known navigation mobile apps for android as well iOS, Google Maps uses vector-based graphics instead of bitmap graphics which makes it highly resource efficient. Resource efficiency is one of the most important pros of any utility application’ therefore’ this Google Maps begins with it.

The ease-of-use, the simplicity of this application and its minimalistic requirements make Google Maps a first-choice navigation application for users around the globe. It does not require many instructions and is very easy to work through which makes it perfect for quick commands and instant information seeking. It works by the logic of less is more and delivers high-quality performance in the context of user experience. This one pro is what you would find in any Google Maps by its regular users.

Weather News
You don’t need to tune into weather news to find out what could the weather be like at a tourist destination you are planning to visit in three days. Google Maps gives you all the information you need. Simply specify the location on the application to get the latest weather conditions of that area. Google Maps is actually more than a navigation app. It is a bit too smart just to be that.

Filtered Search Results
One of the biggest plus points of the Google Maps app is that it can serve as your tour guide as well. You can locate the nearest coffee shops, restaurants or whatever else you want. The app allows you to select specifications and get highly filtered search results only. This feature increases the utility of this app manifold. You can get all the information you want in a specific locality by simply customizing your search through easy commands. This feature gives Google Maps a lead against any other navigation application in the world.

Voice Search
Google Maps has added a new feature to simplify search and app use while on the go. You can now take benefit from voice intelligence and use voice commands to specify location. You may find Google Maps reviews which talk about this feature, it has been welcomed by many of the users who use the app while driving themselves.

Smart Correction
Google Maps app uses smart correction to correct spellings etc. in the location search instead of displaying any error or burdening the user with remembering the exact spellings of each location. This feature makes it very useful when typing errors are non-deliberate and quick search results are required.

Time Approximation
Read any Google Maps and you will find this feature listed as one of the most significant plus points of this application. By making traffic estimations for each route to a specified location, it provides a time approximation for each route. You can then choose the one per your convenience. It is the most suitable for those commuting in the metropolitan cities.

Everything which has some pros has some cons as well. This Google Maps includes all the cons which could be identified in use.

Contact Sync
The Google Maps application allows sharing of location pin with other users but it does not sync with the contact stored on the phone which is a big issue. This issue is specifically faced by the iPhone users.

Number of Routes
The Google Maps app provides a number of routes to each location but there have been complaints that it provides only a limited number of routes. It has been identified that the Google Maps app generally tends to provide information regarding the main routes only. Limited number of routes may be problematic for people who would like more information about less congested inner routes to some location.

Lack of Lane Information
You may read in a Google Maps review or two that the application does not provide information on lanes within streets which is actually true and there is high probability that a new visitor may just get confused in a maze of lanes. This is one lack of information that the Google Maps team must really work on. It is very problematic particularly in those cities around the globe where there are smaller and multiple lanes in every block. It makes navigation through residential areas quite difficult if the lane information is not present even in a street view enabled navigation app.

Google Maps uses traffic estimation to provide a time estimate per route towards a location. It has, however, been identified by users that it is very likely that Google Maps overestimates traffic making it more difficult for users to make a decision or get stuck on another route.

Google Maps is the most widely used mobile application for navigation. It is very simple to use and provides ample information to guide one through a route. It can also help in identifying hotels etc. in a locality through highly filtered results. It does, however, have a few cons which have been discussed in this Google Maps review. The app is very productive on the overall basis and has a growing user base for valid reasons.