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Microsoft OneNote Everything you need to know


Microsoft OneNote 2018 has become an essential productivity tool for many businesses. It comes with different and more advanced features. Every user should appreciate this Microsoft product because it makes the work easier.

OneNote is there to eliminate unorganized, messy and sticky notes. In this post, we shall look at the benefits of Microsoft OneNote 2018.

Improves Workflow

Think of Microsoft OneNote 2018 as a notebook that is composed of various sections. With each section, you can easily create an unlimited number of pages. Also, you can drag and drop your files from a personal computer or even mobile device into OneNote. This can help you to save photos and articles directly from the Internet. Notebook gives you an opportunity to organize these files when needed.

Most importantly, OneNote offers search functionality. This allows you to pinpoint files through different notebooks easily and quickly.

Moreover, embedded within the search functionality is an “optical character recognition” feature. The feature allows you to search different text on pictures. You don’t have struggle anymore when it comes to file names.

Easy Access

If you are planning to work on your document, OneNote is there to improve your document accessibility. You can easily add notes or rather use OneNote’s voice recording feature. All you need is to save the ideas, and the best answer is the Microsoft OneNote 2018. If the application is installed, then you will access all features 24/7.

Improves Transparency

For any organization sharing of information is very important. With OneNote application, you can be able to share OneNote notebooks. Not only that but you can also share its contents with anyone. This can be achieved even when you do not have an installed program.

This is very popular in meetings, especially when a colleague asks you to share the notes with you. When sharing files, all you need is to select Can Edit or View Only options to ensure quality and transparency.

Automatic Save, Never Lose Information

With OneNote, you will ever save your content. The same way Microsoft Access operates, the OneNote also does the same thing. Microsoft OneNote 2018 will automatically keep and save all your content. The best thing about this Microsoft product is that it keeps your safe. OneNote offers a 100 percent safety!

Secure sensitive information

Like any program that stores information, it needs to have the security to ensure only those who should have access, accesses it. Microsoft OneNote 2018 has the functionality to password-protect individual sections, which secures information through the 3DES encryption standard. If OneNote remains inactive for a specified period, it automatically locks your password thus improving privacy.

Record ideas and information on the go

OneNote is designed for use on any device, and it is available in all major operating systems, including iOS and Android. So by synchronizing OneDrive notebooks across multiple devices, you can access all your notes and even create new notes.

Things such as word processor, tables, text images, and links can be added to the application. But if you are using a device with touch capability, you can write or draw directly into it. OneNote can even scan your handwritten text, and convert it into text.

Support your notes with multimedia

As well the ability to enter text, images and other media types that are possible through Microsoft Word 2018, OneNote lets you record audio and video, straight into your notebook. This is perfect for documenting meetings and sharing them with co-workers.

Install OneNote application and enjoy the above benefits. Microsoft technologies give an opportunity to achieve this.