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Microsoft Excel 2018 Review

Microsoft Excel 2018 Review

Microsoft Excel 2018 is the software offered by Microsoft Corporation and enables you to easily manage spreadsheet files. You can use its Free online version via internet or download the paid version for using advanced features offline. These spreadsheets can be related to business data analysis, stock reports, calendars, products inventory, timetables, performance tracking, project planning and much more. You can choose available templates or choose blank document in order to create custom spreadsheets. It comes as a part of Microsoft Office Suite and can be purchased for unlimited use.

Excel is fully equipped with powerful functions that make it useful to fit everyone’s needs whether for academic or business purposes. Over the years, further developments have only contributed to the great functionality of this Microsoft office application while at the same time maintain its user-friendliness to be used by anyone of any skill level.

What are the features of Microsoft Excel 2018?
Calculating is not a challenging matter with Excel. The application allows you to automatically compute for the average, sum, difference or product of a series of figures. It is also fully equipped with functions that can handle more complex financial calculations and statistics. You can also use it for logical statement comparisons.

Other functions include data analysis. Data can be sorted, filtered, imported and used to create pivot tables and graphs. Its features also include various tools that allow proper formatting and customization. It does not even prove to be challenging if you need to work on multiple spreadsheets at the same time. That is because you can create and manage several sheets within one workbook in Excel.

It allows you to easily manage tabular data with the help of its layout which is divided into rows and columns. Each cell can hold individual values and the width can be adjusted so that dealing with the data becomes much more convenient. The software is compatible with xlsx, CSV, DIF, DBF, XPS, XML and many more data formats and allows you to open or save files in any of these supported formats. The page setup can be adjusted through Page Layout menu. To customize these documents, you can add images in the background or choose suitable theme along with matching colors, fonts and effects.

Data Manipulation:
Microsoft Excel is the suitable tool for helping you with business decisions by manipulation of data. The data can be imported from external resources. Database queries can be applied for retrieving this data and using it as per your requirement. You can apply formulas on multiple columns or cells to generate desired results. The formulas are divided into the categories of Logical, Text, Date & Time, Lookup & Reference, Math & Trigonometry and many more. What-If analysis and forecast sheets can be helpful to determine the impacts of expected decisions. These options are helpful in taking favorable business decisions.

Data Representation:
The software is mainly concerned with the data and is very helpful in easily understandable representation of data. The entered data can be used for creating different kinds of graphs, charts and histograms that can be used in presentations for validating your proposed ideas. These representations are dynamic and automatically update with data editing. Once you are done with creating documents, you can save them, export them or directly take printout. Programmers can make use of macros in Visual Basic language for manipulation of spreadsheets and data objects.

Other Features:
Microsoft Excel allows you to customize the style of tables, manage alignment, insert equations or PivotChart, access content on internet, add comments, select any layout for viewing documents and use passwords for maximum protection level. You can copy format of Excel files as well as other Office applications for applying on your current file to save time.

All in all, Microsoft Excel is capable of handling various types of data and provides you the facility of opening and editing these files with the help of various useful options. You can access data from many resources, store it in tabular form, apply formulas to perform calculations, generate graphical visualizations and store the output file as spreadsheet or any other compatible format.