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Malwarebytes Software Review

Malwarebytes Software Review

Malwarebytes is a next-gen anti-malware security program that focuses on new, advanced and subtle malware infections and online threats. It is not a traditional antivirus program and doesn’t offer comprehensive cover as it focuses on the newer threats that older programs might miss. The 3.2 version of the Malwarebytes is the latest upgrade and combines powerful advanced technologies to seek out, prevent and destroy online threats and malware.


Malwarebytes is multi-device compatible and provides proactive protection in multiple layers for windows, android and Mac. This ensures smarter detection and better cyber security for all devices. The program can also be used for business and provides three important features: endpoint protection, endpoint security and incident response. This means that you get centralized end-point protection for your device that is cloud based or on-premises via either a single agent or with multiple layers for comprehensive protection as well as rapid response when malware is detected. Its advanced technology also means that it can be used by technicians in any line of programming to keep out even the most subtle threats.

Malwarebytes is stable on all interfaces, is easy to use thanks to the detailed yet simple instructions and maintains a high quality scanning engine and is a good choice for anyone cyber security minded.