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Functions of Microsoft Excel 2018

Functions of Microsoft Excel 2018

Microsoft excel is a spreadsheet program that enables user to compute data with incredible ease. It is a part of Microsoft Office Suite. Excel is compatible with other applications in the Suite. For instance, a user can import Excel data into Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. Microsoft Corporation distributes the program on Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Visual Basic is used to formulate complex numerical methods in Excel. Excel is now available in mobile platforms – Android and iOS – to provide on-the-go access.

What makes Excel relevant in real-time?

All of us deal with numbers on a day to day basis. Calculations are something we encounter in every walk of life. On a macroscopic level, Excel is important for business establishments. It has become an integral part of almost any workplace. It is deployed in work scheduling, financial accounting, ROI analysis, sales tracking and customer data collection. It is an inevitable component of finance-related activities. There are umpteen valid reasons why you must familiarize yourself with Microsoft Excel in this age and era.

Brief History of Microsoft Excel

In 1982, Microsoft Corporation marketed its spreadsheet program as Multiplan, which was popular in CP/M systems. It was a big flop in MS-DOS realm, owing to astounding success of Lotus 1-2-3. Microsoft released its first ever versions of Excel for Macintosh and Windows on 1985 and 1987 respectively. Lotus being slow on taking 1-2-3 to Windows meant it lost the spreadsheet race. Microsoft maintained this advantage till date, thanks largely to regular new releases, every couple of years. Since then, starting from Excel 2.0 for Intel to Excel 2018, Microsoft has been on top of its game.

Functions of Microsoft Excel

Functions are time saving options for calculating data in your worksheet. They replace formulas, when a formula is too complicated or lengthy for your liking. Consider it some of the preset formulae that come along with the program. You have tons of functions to choose from. The functions are clearly categorized for quicker operations. You can perform an array of financial, logical, text, math and trigonometric operations. Day to day functions such as ‘Sum’ or ‘Average’ is quickly accessible. Functions help in otherwise tedious jobs by eliminating usage of formulae. You can perform a variety of operations over hundreds of cells instantly. Excel becomes such a computing powerhouse, by piggybacking on its endless list of functions.

Jobs requiring Excel skills

Excel skills are sought for in several positions, especially in business and organizations. Accountants and auditors use spreadsheet for generating basic financial statements, for its impeccable accuracy. Cost estimators working with designers and engineers use spreadsheets to calculate estimates. Administrative assistants use it to generate reports, organize documents and schedule appointments. Information clerks use spreadsheets for data collection. Sales managers fancy Excel skills to analyze sales information. Financial analysts makes optimal utilization of Microsoft Excel through analyzing data, trends and investments. Incorporating Excel included work culture in any workplace is a real prospect.

Ways to access Excel

There are multiple ways to access Excel. You can buy it at the local computer store. You can purchase it as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. You can download Microsoft Excel 2018 as a standalone software and purchase a license key. You can access Excel for free via Office Online, which is totally web-based.