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System Mechanic is targeted for PCs of Windows Operating System and is developed by iolo Technologies, LLC. Its license can be purchased for $69.95 after using the free trial version for 30 days. It is an effective tool for protecting your system against malware and for optimizing different processes to increase the speed of your PC.

Over time, your PC may start to degrade and become slow. System Mechanic Pro offers you the best solution for cleaning your PC and boosting its performance. This software fixes a wide range of causes of your PC’s problems with its integrated various optimization, diagnostic, and repair features. The Startup Optimizer, OptiCore, Program Accelerator, and AcceleWrite features boost your PC’s speed. The Junk File Sweep, CRUDD Remover, Internet Cleanup, and Duplicate File Inspector functions work to clean up clutter. The System Guard function, Security Optimizer, and the Registry Backup features optimize your PC’s security by preventing spyware, viruses, malware, among other security threats. There is also the Internet Connection Repair feature, along with Disaster Recovery Tools and Drive Medic functions that repair freezes, errors, and crashes. To use System Mechanic Pro, open the software and click on Analyze Now to analyze problems. After diagnosing the system, click on Repair All to do all the fixes and optimizations. You may also click on View Problems to see problem details. Then, go to ActiveCare and set up automated repairs and monitoring. This feature will monitor your device for any potential problems and fix them in the background when you turn your PC on. You can then run other desired functions.

Downloading Procedure:
For installing System Mechanic, first you need to download its Download Manager. Running this download manager will start downloading the software. It is a heavy tool with the size of around 90 MB. SO if your internet speed is slow then it will take longer time. The download manager shows you some options where you can read FAQs and purchase or read about iolo products. After it is downloaded, the setup wizard will open up from where you can install the software with simple steps.

System Mechanic Features:
System Mechanic Professional provides maximum immunization to resist viruses, spyware and malware. In case of data loss, it can also recover it for you. The speed and availability of RAM and hard drive is also increased by optimization. Internet experience is also improved by better buffering and smooth page loading. It repairs problems of your system and cleans out junk files and bloatware for freeing memory space.

Dashboard shows the overall status of your system. Its sub category Overview shows the number of detected problems, option to analyze your system, your membership validity and some other options related to enhancement of your system performance. The Problems sub category shows the number of problems and the actions that can be performed for solving them.

It shows the dedicated tools and options through which you can increase the safety of your system. Here you can access new tools for cleaning of junk files, speeding up of your system, protection against threats, data recovery and management of your system drivers.

By enabling ActiveCare option in System Mechanic, you can maintain your system even in your absence. It automatically optimizes startup configuration, internet configuration, system drives and defragmentation and compaction of registry. It can also automatically repair system and registry problems, keep your system secure and provide better maintenance.

This option can increase the speed, stamina and performance of your system by using most suitable built-in modes for different types of applications. It also shows the usage, capacity and performance level of your processor, memory and drives separately.

Internet Security:
It checks your system for protection against all types of malware. Its Pro version comes with a built-in anti-malware tool for complete protection. It also checks if there is a firewall present on your system and whether it is working fine or not.

This section shows detailed reports about status of your PC, history of recent actions, PC reliability and energy efficiency.

System Mechanic is a very useful tool that is recommended for computer users. It will automatically perform most of the optimization and protection processes that will save your time and will protect you from data loss.



  • Easy to use
  • One click fix and repair
  • LiveBoost boosts system
  • Full Antivirus, Anti-spyware and Online Backup


  • higher memory (aka RAM) usage.


System Tweak Software - 10
Computer optimization Software - 9.7