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System Mechanic

System Mechanic 2019 helps you enhance the performance of your PC. It detects junk files via effective scans so that you can delete them to free space. It also deals with hard disk issues. It’s a Windows-based application. You can use its free trial version for a limited time. But after its expiry date, you’ll have to purchase its license if you want to continue using it. It possesses an intuitive user interface which is suitable for beginners as well as pro users. It’s owned by iolo technologies, LLC. This utility helps you ensure that your PC works at its best.

The performance of a computer is slowed down over time, no matter how efficient it is. It’s because of the presence of junk files and registry errors. Using an application that can resolve such issues and recover its performance can benefit you. This is the reason why you should give System Mechanic a try.

Removes Junk File

Junk files take up a lot of space in system hard disk. As a result, you may be unable to save important files due to lack of space. However, this software gets rid of junk files. It runs a thorough scan on the system and detects useless data. It asks for your permission before deleting junk files. This way, you can release memory and enhance the performance of the system.

Resolves Registry Issues

Registry errors affect the performance of your PC. However, System Mechanic is capable of dealing with these problems. Let’s take a look at some common registry problems it can resolve:

  • Deletes registry entries of applications you have already uninstalled
  • Removes duplicate registry entries
  • Defragments registry
  • Prevents system crashes

Maintains History

Sometimes you may forget when you last checked the current status of your PC and took actions to enhance its performance. This application saves you from trouble by maintaining a log. It informs you about the functions it performed along with their date and time.

Displays Current PC Status

You should keep an eye on your system’s current status. This way, you can prevent performance issues. It informs you about total capacity of the hard disk drive as well as free space. It gives you an insight into programs that automatically start on system startup. You can disable them to reduce startup time.

Repairs Internet Connection

Your PC may sometimes display a connection error when you try to connect to the internet. However, System Mechanic can heal broken connection so that you can go online. It makes sure you don’t experience any issues when you need to use the internet for carrying out important tasks.

Blocks Harmful Applications

Not every application you download via the internet is safe. Certain applications can harm your PC and slow it down. This application can effectively block potentially threatening programs that may alter system settings.

All in all, System Mechanic is a useful utility for monitoring system performance and enhancing it. It eliminates junk files, optimizes startup programs, repairs registry, and defragments HDD to boost your PC’s speed.