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Spotify 2018 is a well-known commercial service that provides you with immeasurable amount of music and video streaming with proper licensing. It provides you with an unlimited range of songs and videos that you can listen to on any supported device and enjoy your time. It is a private product that was developed by a Swedish company in 2009 and had become an immediate success among music lovers. It supports more than 50 languages and is available in most countries from America, West Europe, and Oceania.

I have been an avid user of Spotify, from free to premium. I enjoyed it even with my free version before. Advertisements are annoying though because it just suddenly pops up in the middle of your soundtripping. It also wont allow you to save music on your playlist especially when you are offline. For these reasons, I decided to upgrade to Spotify premium and I’ve never been happier. The cost is reasonable especially for me who listens to music very often. It allows you to save music on your playlist which you can listen to later on even when you are offline. Spotify’s wide variation of music from decade to decade, underground to mainstream surely did make me satisfied as a user. Letting me organize my music into playlists, to play depending on my mood, is what makes Spotify the best music application for me. Good value for money, not restricted, boundless and fun outline.

Spotify does not own a complex interface for facilitating the inexperienced users. For start using the software, you can either log in with your Facebook account or open an account via Email address. After logging in with your details, you can access a whole new world of entertainment. You can reset password if you have forgotten and can customize the settings related to the proxy server. It provides many screen sizes and zoom tool for clearer view. The hardware acceleration option optimizes it for increased speed.

Spotify lets you access all your favorite music without no time from multiple devices. The searching and accessing to song streams has been made much easier now. Its full version is ad free that does not cause interruptions and lets you listen to unlimited songs as many times as you want. The music can be listened to online or downloaded for enjoying it later. The sound quality is too high that it will make your day. It lets you create your personal radio stations where songs will be broadcasted in the personalized manner.

You can manage your favorite music playlists and can visit collections of other users and celebrities. It also lets you create your personal top lists for easy access to your favorite tracks. You can manage your complete music library where the songs can be divided into categories. The biographies of your favorite singers and musicians are available to help you. The sharing of music tracks and playlists with other users and to Facebook can be done with a single click.

Spotify is now capable of working on desktop computers, mobile devices and gaming consoles. It can run on systems having Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, OS X, Symbian, Windows phone, Blackberry OS, Linux, Chrome and Fire operating systems as well as Sony PlayStation 3 and 4 versions. It is a light weight application and does not require high system specifications but you must have internet connection and a Spotify account for using it. Its 30 day trial version is available for free but you need to purchase its full version for maximum features and ad free experience.

Spotify is one of the most common applications for music lovers using a wide range of devices and operating systems. The vast collection of songs helps you find and listen to your favorite songs whenever you wish. It lets you manage your music libraries and playlists and enables you to download or online listen to various music tracks and enjoy their videos.

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  • Unlimited streaming music.
  • Huge library of songs.
  • Compatible with Mac, Android and Windows


  • Web player can be clunky Poor search
  • Too many ads


Listen free - 9.9
Radio that’s personal. - 9
multiple devices. - 9