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Opera News

  • DNA-72234 anchor tip missing from address field dialogs
  • DNA-72313 [Mac] Advanced shortcuts doesn’t work until zoom indicator dialog is gone
  • DNA-72639 Deploy autoupdate new approach on browser side
  • DNA-72675 AU crash handler does not use the custom profile folder
  • DNA-72775 Move “touch_communication.js” to C++ WP1
  • DNA-72814 [Mac] Crash and error pages are missing
  • DNA-72836 Opera relies on infura.io but doesn’t tell user

What is Opera Web Browser?

What is Opera? Opera is a web browser from Opera Software. According to its claim, it is the fastest browser on the planet. It employs Blink layout engine to process your queries. Opera web browser is much compact compared to the rest. It has played fourth or fifth fiddle in web browsing realm, owing to immense popularity of Google Chrome...[Read More]