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Microsoft Visio 2020  is a software which can be used to create flowcharts and diagrams. It can be done using diagram templates or you can create your own diagram no matter whether it is simple or complicated with the help of all the tools this software provide you can do it easily and quickly. You can also create the 3D diagram in Visio. It has many pre-added shapes which you can use when working on Visio. It can import data from such application like ms excel or ms access for better use. Flowchart and diagrams are used in every working environment from business to college work. It makes advance diagramming very easy with all the familiar MS office experience, also increase creativity and productivity of users. No matter whether you are beginner or expert of diagram making, this software from Microsoft can be very helpful for easy learning and smart working around diagrams.

Microsoft Visio 2019 is an application by Microsoft Corporation that assists in drawing diagrams, flowcharts, UML classes and vector graphics. It is very useful for sharing information as visual diagrams and is capable of representing complex structures. It offers a large variety of options that makes it equally usable for both beginners as well as experienced users. It has two versions available in the market; Standard and Professional. Both versions are usually preferred by home and small business users. The software can either be downloaded via Office 2019 package or 365 Edition Pack.

One of the most useful features of Microsoft Visio is the presence of various drawing templates that simplify the work of users. They can choose the most suitable template that can fulfill their requirements and modify it as needed. These templates are divided into the categories of Business, Engineering, Flowchart, General, Maps & Floor Plans, Software & Databases, Network and Schedule. Furthermore, the users can visit the Featured tab and choose suitable drawing templates such as Basic, Blank, Work Flow, Organization Chart, Office Layout, UML Class, Gantt Chart, Calendar, Data Flow Diagram etc.

Complex Diagrams:
Microsoft Visio has made it possible to display complex diagrams and data structures with the help of its tools and options. UML class diagrams, electrical and electronic structures and Business processes can be easily drawn now due to the additional templates in 2019 version. These templates have been developed in collaboration with Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers, Unified Modelling Language 2.4 and Business Process Model & Notation 2.0. Moreover, you can connect these diagrams with databases as well as internal structures of organizations to represent real time visualizations of their performances.

Microsoft Visio comes equipped with many options that are all very useful. The diagrams can be drawn by choosing smart shapes that are slightly different for every template. The shapes can be styled easily. Text can be added to illustrate these while Connector and Pointer Tools are useful too. You can insert images, charts or CAD diagrams from system memory. Design section allows users to change themes, variants, background colors and borders. Data section helps select data graphics that need to be displayed. These graphics consist of callouts for mobile, text and Emails.

The Process tab allows users to import or export drawings in SharePoint Workflow mode. The diagrams can be checked on the basis of standard SharePoint rules. With Review tab, users can choose language preferences and the written text can be converted into multiple other languages. This section can be used when you are reviewing any document as it provides options for adding comments with different pen styles and generates accurate Reports. View tab shows different options to customize the software layout.

To be precise, Microsoft Visio is a standalone computer application that is contributing well in reducing the workload of professionals. It has many useful features and tools that help in displaying information in the form of diagrams and graphics. Furthermore, these documents can be shared via Cloud services through its built-in functions.



  • easy to use
  • Collaborate easily on diagrams
  • Get started easily


  • Slightly expensive for personal use.
  • Visio for Mac doesn’t exist


Office Tools - 9.6
Create diagram - 9