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Microsoft Silverlight
Microsoft Silverlight

Microsoft Silverlight or as it is more commonly known, Silverlight, is a software plug-in application that can be used for running rich net applications and would have many similarities with Adobe Flash. It was originally developed to run streaming media but latter releases supported graphics and multimedia.

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The first version of Silverlight was released in 2007 and in total 5 versions were released by Microsoft. The last version was released in May 2012. It’s compatible with many latter versions of Internet Explorer and Apple Safari but is not supported in Android or iOS. It is also no longer supported on Chrome or Firefox and there is no plug-in available for Microsoft Edge.

In July 2015 Microsoft announced that it was encouraging users to migrate from Silverlight to other solutions and support is currently scheduled to finish in October 2021. Few websites nowadays use Silverlight as it is deemed to be a sunset solution and has been super-ceded by Flash and Java solutions.