Microsoft OneDrive 2020

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Microsoft OneDrive 2020
Microsoft OneDrive 2020

Microsoft OneDrive is a cloud service included with Microsoft Office suite that allows users to save their documents and files from Microsoft Office applications and access them inside of the cloud. Users can also edit these documents on multiple devices at the same time, create files with the cloud, and send created files to other people. This Microsoft cloud service allows user to store files to the cloud and access them on any device using their login information.

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Microsoft OneDrive is a secure service that holds up to 5 GB of saved files for users for free. These saved files won’t be gone if a device is lost or stolen, and can be downloaded back onto a new device easily. If more storage is needed, they also offer more storage for a fee.

OneDrive is an easy to use productivity application that comes with Microsoft Office suite. This application is great for people of all ages because it only takes a couple clicks to have your files saved on the cloud. OneDrive keeps your files safe, secure, and accessible wherever you go.