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CPU-Z 2019 is a CPU identification software application. It basically gathers information about your computer. It can give you information such as memory size, type, and module specifications, mainboard and chipset, the processor name, number, codename, vendor, processor package, and cache levels. Plus, the clock multiplier, external and internal clocks, partial overclock detection, processor features like supported instructions sets, etc.

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CPU-Z 2019 can also detect L2 bus width, processor’s core voltage, memory timing (RAS to CAS, CAS latency, and RAS precharge), and support for two processors (in 2000 only or Windows NT). Additionally, CPU-Z is very light on CPU and memory resources.

What’s more, it is easy to use and comes with a highly responsive user interface. Furthermore, it is safe and free from any kind of viruses or other possible malicious threats.

CPU-Z is free to download and compatible with all Windows computers, both 32 bit and 64 bit operating systems. Plus, it has an Android version.