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Chromium is Google's open source web browser project. It is fully functional on its own and most of its code is used in the Google Chrome browser. Other parties have also employed the Chromium code in their browsers and lots of vendors use the code just like Google does. This browser has a minimalist interface and Google wanted it that way because they wanted it to be fast and feel lightweight. Chromium and Google Chrome have many similarities, however, Google Chrome has a lot of features that Chromium does not have.

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There are a number of browsers based on Chromium such as Amazon Silk, Blisk, Brave, Avast Secure Browser, CodeWeavers CrossOver, Comodo Dragon, Epic Browser, Falkon, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Qihoo 360 Secure Browser, SalamWeb, Samsung Internet, Torch, SRWare Iron, Vivaldi, Slimjet, Sleipnir, Yandex, to mention but a few.

It is compatible with a couple of operating systems including Windows 7 or later, FreeBSD, Android Kit Kat or later, OpenBSD, Linux, and OS X 10. 10 or later. Plus, it is completely free.