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AVG Internet Security
AVG Internet Security

AVG Internet Security is a privacy and internet security enhancer that creates firewalls to protect users from the internet. It is equipped with tools and features that ensure no one can remotely bring harm or interrupt your privacy in any way.

The software can detect and immediately create a firewall against any malware that brings harm to your computer. If anyone is trying to spy you from the webcam AVG Internet Security ensures that no software can access webcam without you knowing. No hacker can be able to get your files remotely as the software block any effort to do so. In fact, you are even protected from dangerous websites that can take your passwords, risky email attachment and so many other great features.

The software has a free version that only has few basic features but, for the premium version, you are required to purchase a suitable package. It's available for download and compatible with Windows Operating System.

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