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Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate 2019 is an interactive media and animation software application. It allows you to bring all kinds of animations to life including commercials, short films, games, and even television shows. You can easily publish projects to numerous platforms to reach viewers like mobile devices, the web, TV or desktop.

Animate allows a user to sketch and draw characters. And you can make them walk, talk, and blink. You can even add actions to your projects without coding. It supports reporting to multiple platforms including WebGL, SVG, HTML5 Canvas, and Adobe AIR.

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Other interesting features include Auto lip-sync for automatic matching of lip poses to sound inflections. VR authoring for creating virtual walk throughs. Audio effects allow you to retain audio effects in case you split the audio that is imported. Asset warping for better control over handles, and so many more. Adobe Animate offers users four paid plans each priced differently. You have the option of choosing whichever best suits your needs.