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[email protected] KillDisk is a software program which can erase data on a hard disk without any possibility of future recovery. It is the ideal solution in any situation where you want to permanently delete files, for example, if you are selling or donating your computer and you want to make sure that your private data is completely deleted.

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The program also supports USB drives, SSDs, ZIP drives, SCSI drives, flash memory cards, and more. [email protected] KillDisk can also wipe unused space on disks without touching or affecting the existing data. Other key features include parallel erasing of several hard disks at the same time, erasing certificate could be saved as a pdf, erases logical drives and partitions, supports 25 security standards, and the wiping report is created and could be saved as a file.

The process of completely erasing data from a hard drive often takes a long time but [email protected] KillDisk works quite fast. It is supported on Linux and Windows computers.