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Bitdefender Total Security Review

Bitdefender Total Security Review

Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced PC user, protection against malware and unwanted programs is always needed. Bitdefender Total Security is an all-in-one package that serves both as an antivirus and an additional security layer while surfing the web.

User Interface

The program itself has a black and white, sleek interface that ensures ease of use even for novice users. Home screen contains the most vital information, including buttons to run different types of scans. There is also an autopilot option switch, that provides a hassle-free experience by running the whole program automatically, making the most optimal security decisions without needing input by the user, which is perfect for beginners. On the left side bar are icons, each with its own visual representation of that particular submenu.

Antivirus Features

Bitdefender Total Security comes with a massive number of security features to provide an unbreakable barrier to malicious programs. Those include a file-scanning engine, vulnerability scan and a lot more. Suspicious programs are monitored by heuristics, and uploaded to the Cloud for further analysis if they are found to be dangerous. A vulnerability module checks the PC for any weak links, like old updates and applications, with a Wi-Fi scanner that further increases the security. A Safe Files component is included, which locks down files and prevents them from being encrypted. Encrypted, inaccessible files are often a consequence of a ransomware attack, which can destroy any data beyond recovery, making Safe Files an amazing and highly needed addition. Even though it is packed full of features, there is little to no impact on overall PC performance.

Online Protection

A carefree experience on the Internet is supported by a Firewall, Antispam and a Web Protection module. The firewall blocks unwanted and unauthorized network connections from the outside, and secures the inside programs. This is handled by the program automatically, unless Paranoid Mode is enabled, in which case the user will have total control over the incoming and outgoing connections. It lacks any advanced options however, leaving room for improvement. Antispam stops all e-mails that contain malicious code or lead to infected websites, and the Webcam Protection module prevents unauthorized websites from accessing the webcam.


There are multiple options when it comes to purchasing Bitdefender Total Security. The most basic one is a 1-year license for up to 5 devices which is priced at around 39$. Even though it is not the cheapest product on the market, the price is reasonable considering what it brings to the table. There are also licences for 2 or 3 years, with support for up to 10 devices. However, one of the things to keep in mind is that the Bitdefender Premium VPN, which provides an anonymous browsing experience and encrypted Internet traffic, comes only with the 1-year licences, A 30-day money back guarantee is also included, making this product a safe purchase.

With a 30-day trial version that offers a feel of what this product can do, anyone can try it out for free. A pretty, simplistic user interface and lots of safety modules make Bitdefender Total Security a good choice when it comes to picking a security program at a reasonable price.