Apple iBooks App Review

Apple iBooks App Review

The new iPad is an ebook reader device that is developed by Apple. The iBook app displays the titles of the books in a bookshelf library. Users simply have to tap on a book to read it. You can tap on the right or left edge of the book to lift the page up manually. The bookshelf also has a convenient button which allows users to purchase books from the iBookstore.

iPad users can now browse and purchase books from iBokstore. The ibook app uses the ePub standard rather than a proprietary Apple format. The ePUb was originally invented by the International Digital Publishing Forum. The ePub format is compatible with a number of platforms including Sony Reader and Adobe Digital Editions.

Apple had partnered with five major publishers including Penguin, Harper, Collins, Macmillan, Hachette Book Group and Simon & Schuster. The biggest advanatage of the iPad is that it has the same features as Amazon Kindle. However, iPad have a wider appear compare with the Amazon Kindle.

As the price of textbook increases, more and more students have started to shop online for e-textbook. iBookstore has a search tool which allows you to search textbooks in a number of ways. The homepage of iBookstore had a default searchbox. However, you can also perform an advanced search according to a numbers of criteria including author, title, and ISBN number.

For example, you are at the bookstore of your campus to find your textbook. You find out that the used textbooks is sold out to other students and you don’t want to buy new one. In order to make sure you buy the correct text book, you can use the iBook app as a book scanner. Next, go to the mainscreen and tap on Scan ISBN. To scan the ISBN, you must put the iPad near the ISBN barcode of the textbook. The redline will appear on the screen and once you place it in front of the barcode, the line will turn green and capture the book details on the barcode. In this way, the author, title, and edition is scanned and saved into your iPad for future reference. You can also perform a search for online bookstore that sells the book so that you can purchase it.

IBookstore allows you to browse through a number of popular titles in a variety of categories. You can narrow your search by bestsellers or Hot New Releases. Once you have search for a title, you can also browse a list of books that are written by the same author. One of the disadvantages of iBooks app is that clicking on the More Titles icon will shut down the app immediately. Other than that, there is no problem browsing through the list of related titles.

Beneath each title, you’ll find a Buy It or Sell It icon. These icons allow you to pull out a list of online retailers so that you can buy and sell books. The rate of the book is listed on the app. You can then visit the merchant website to buy or sell your textbook without leaving the app. According to the LA Times tech blog, Apple will be implementing DRM to limit the number of times the book can be copied to a device. By doing this, Apple could get less commitment from publishers because DRM is a waste of time and cause them lose customers.

The ibook app is a must have for college students and can be useful for frequ