Android Based Tablet – The Adam

Android Based Tablet – The Adam

Apple recently launched its own version of the tablet computer, similar in functionality to the other apple products – the iPhone and the iPod touch. Now, Notion Ink has announced the launch of its android based tablet – the Adam. It is expected to provide stiff competition to the iPad and has decent features that will look to break the strong “Apple brand” bastion.

The tablet computer, Adam – is a very crafty handiwork. It is a neat gadget with sleek looks. It is very stylish. It weighs a tad more than the iPad at 1.7 pounds as opposed to the 1.5 pound model rolled out by apple. Measuring 6.3 x 9.8 x 0.6 inches, it was officially unveiled at the world mobile congress techno fest held recently in Barcelona.

The tablet has features that can match the specifications provided by Apple’s iPad. It is based on NVIDIA’s tegra 2 architecture for tablet pc’s. It is powered by the Dual core ARM cortex A9 CPU, clocking 1GHz. The 10.1 inch pixelQI display looks to provide a maximum resolution of up to 1024 x 600 pels. It also promises variety – an inbuilt e-paper mode and a transreflective mode are also built-in to this device allowing it to be used in normal sunlight as well.

The most important factor however is power. This gadget supposedly provides greater battery life when compared to the iPad – at least 16 hours of support without any recharge. This range can increase up to 160 hours if the backlight is turned off.

Additional features include support for Bluetooth, an inbuilt 3 mega pixel camera that has autofocussing capabilities, connectivity of up to 3 USB based devices; seamless wi-fi connectivity is also expected to be added on.

The brilliant use of an open source platform like the android is another plus with respect to this tablet pc. Multiple operating systems can be loaded into this gadget – it supports UNIX, Linux and Google’s android. The tablet pc is also 3G enabled.

One significant add-on – the adobe flash player 10.1; this is added on to the system, enabling good multimedia support while browsing the internet. The 3 Meg camera has a 180 degree swiveling feature enabling the user to take decent panoramic photographs.

It has brilliant features, complies with industry level specifications and is expected to roll out by the end of April. It certainly will be one gadget to watch out for!!!