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An Honest Review Of Avast Internet Security

An Honest Review Of Avast Internet Security

Eduard Kučera and Pavel Baudiš founded Avast in 1988. Interestingly, Pavel Baudiš was the first person to discover the Vienna virus on floppy disks. Today, Avast focuses on finding and removing threats to computer and mobile devices. In fact, the company claims that it stops more than 2 billion attacks on these devices annually. That figure may be accurate given that 45% of the staff at Avast specializes in Research & Development. That means the primary goal of almost half the employees at this firm is finding and removing software. This highly dedicated effort towards the development of anti-malware applications suggests that Avast Internet Security has some exciting features. For example, this internet security software helps you avoid suspicious websites through a process known as DNS redirecting. Here is an honest review of Avast Internet Security.

• Firewall Protection for Your Devices

Hackers use Trojan viruses to gain access to your computer. Then they steal valuable data from it including your banking details, search history, and passwords. The firewall on Avast’s antivirus software protects you from these scenarios. More specifically, this firewall prevents the entry of Trojan viruses into your computer or mobile devices. For example, it has a mode known as auto-decide. This mode allows the software to take action against malware immediately and decisively. It does that without constant popups on your device because many people feel that these popups are annoying and distracting. Moreover, Avast Internet Security offers you five levels of protection against Trojan viruses as you surf the internet. You can change these levels based on your personal preferences, but using the default settings is an excellent idea.

• Protection against Demands for Ransom

Ransomware Shield is a new feature on Avast Internet Security. It protects you from hackers who make your data inaccessible. Then they demand a ransom so that they can decrypt it. This shield does that by blocking access to sensitive files unless this access is by trusted programs on your computer. For example, it shields your pictures and documents from intrusion. In fact, you can create a list of folders that require an additional layer of protection. This shield notifies you of attempts to infiltrate or modify these folders. Remember, government and corporate bodies are vulnerable to these hacks as well. However, high profile organizations have enough money and resources to either pay the ransom or find the hackers. Fortunately, Ransomware Shield by Avast Internet Security provides an adequate level of security for ordinary people and businesses.

Another exciting feature by Avast is its identification of suspicious emails. More specifically, it flags phishing emails that deceive many people into giving their data to hackers voluntarily. In many cases, these emails will start with a phrase like ‘You have won the lottery.’ Then it will ask for your details to reclaim your win. This detailed review of Avast reveals that it has many advantages for its uses. However, it has several weaknesses as well. For example, it lacks parental controls, and the password feature is complicated.